Shopping spree with moi sister!

10:45 PM

Hello guys, been a while I guess. There`s a lot going on as usual, that`s why (school period). Anyways, so my little angel came to visit me in uni last week and we had loads of fun together. I tried taking lots of pictures but
at the end we couldn`t be bothered and spend most of the time enjoying each other`s company. I made her do the dishes, cleaning and every other thing (kidding). She was a sweet visitor and a stubborn one.

Isn`t she just so cute (not because she is my sister) but you know it`s the fact. She be looking flawless day and night. The best decision she`d ever made was to actually cut off her hair because it actually put all her beauty out there. You can check out her BLOG HERE:

We went shopping and we decided to take some shots. We were actually very tired this very day, explaining the tiresome looks on our faces. But yeah that`s it. Whenever I am bored, I always go to Ikea to get one or two things for my apartment. So I and Essie spent most of the day at Ikea making our bottoms comfortable on the amazing furnitures that were in there. The beds just make you almost wanna sleep. So you can understand why we were so tired.

Alright to the outfit details. I guess we can skip that because everything here has been featured on the blog before. But if you still wonder about anything, don`t hesitate to leave a comment below. Oh yeah, lest I forget. My new addiction is gold. I am loving gold right now, it just gives you that glow and that clean look. 
Esther`s blog:
Have a lovely day!
1 Timothy 4:15
Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them. so that your progress will be evident to all. 
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  1. Love the fact that your sis and I have the same name. Both your outfits are cute, that creme/camel coat of hers is perfection though. Loves it.

  2. wow love both your outfits, im so jealous of your sisters coat though :( aha
    also love the bible verse at the end :)

    BlueViolet Hearts 

  3. ur sis is cute, ;) u both look good.. love ur bag :)


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