The red lace dress- My sister`s closet

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Feels good the weather is getting a little bit better and of course makes one wishes summer could come so fast. I have been visiting home from uni every weekend this month. It`s ain`t that stressful like it use to be anymore. I actually like the
bus trips. Most of my friends hate travelling by bus and would rather take the train. But I am the opposite, I love buses. As soon as I get on the bus, I make sure I find a good sleeping spot. Yeah, I always sleep throughout my whole journey and end up most times ruining my makeup and looking like a psycho.

This week has been super chill, another two other courses starts in uni and I have been eating like crazy. The weird thing is that I eat weirdly (if that`s even a word), lol. So take for example yesterday, I made meatpie and I ate two out of it before I slept. And the whole day today, I have eaten like five more. Something is wrong with me. I haven`t eaten anything else except that meatpie, lol. Makes it even worse.

Anyways let`s divert a bit from my weird everyday issues and let`s dive into the outfit talk. Here I am rocking my sister`s red dress that she bought from GinaTricot last year summer. It was on sales and we actually saw the dress the same time but there was only one left. Of course Esther bought it. And when I was at home last week, I wore it to church. That`s her shoes as well. It`s actually quite fun wearing her wardrobe sometimes. She`s got some really cool stuffs.
Am sure you guys have seen the long leather jacket before on the blog. I really love it and when you pair it together with an all black outfit, you actually tend to look cool (Even though am not). 
Alright I hope you find some inspo from this.
Be good!
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  1. i love your dress, it's so beautiful. xx

  2. I love the lace on your dress and your necklace is really pretty. I'm following you now. -

    1. Thanks girl :) Am following you too.

    2. Hi dear, I just nominated u for an can check it

  3. That's a lovely red dress. I sleep when I travel by bus too. Lol. And I love meatpies!

  4. Hahaha thank God am not the only one :) Thank you

  5. Oooooh this red lace dress is AMAZING! So striking, you look beautiful :)

  6. Guess who's back? Beautiful as always.

  7. Your dress is so cute & I love how you've styled it <3 xoxo

  8. Very cute look x
    Follow x

  9. Stunning look. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  10. Gorgeous dress!
    Love the color.


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