Pink and Blue eye makeup look

3:36 PM

 Hello guys I hope you are all doing good. Today I uploaded a video and it`s a eye makeup. I was on my way to school and wanted to go for an exotic look but very light weighted and natural looking. So this look works fine for an everyday look. 

It`s a pink and blue collabo. The pink is all over the eyelid with the blue creating a smoky finish on the outter corner of the eyes. And to soften the look a little, I applied a cream colour to the inner corner and evenly blended out all the colours together. The palette I used here is my VivaLaDiva palette and I love this palette a lot.

Here is the video :)

More info is in the video and if not, be free to ask questions. I hope you likey and thumbs up for more videos.
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Love you all!
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  1. Nice eye makeup! Suits you very well. Xx

  2. I looove your make-up!

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  3. Your eyebrows are perfection. Love the makeup!!

  4. Egunjobi AdedamolaApril 19, 2014

    Why is it that some people (you) forget about other people (me) that they knew and lost contact with??

  5. really lovely.

  6. I love your headscarf. Congratulations on starting a YT channel. Good luck xoxo Let's stalk each other?
    I've just liked your FB page and am now following your blog, please come and show my blog some love too. xx

    1. Oh I will be sure to follow you :) Thank you


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