Golden brown and black ensemble

5:30 PM

Hello guys, feels like ages I had a post on here but I must admit I miss you guys, blogging, taking pictures, I miss every- thang. But I am back now though, final exams soon which afterwards I will have enough time dedicated to the blog. I hope everyone is doing good?

Just a moment, pause and take a deep breath. It`s summer and I can already see everything colorful and bright. The weather (as mostly discussed nowadays) is amazing and people do actually look happy for whatever reasons. The outfit today is inspired by the color gold and black. I wanted to infuse so much gold and black into the outfit as much as I could and still not overdo it.

I am putting on a cream colored blouse and leather skirt from H&M. The earrings are my besties and I just love them. Black fake Jeffrey Campbells shoes just completes the whole outfit. The purse has got some details of gold on it and adds the little extra to the outfit as well. Overall I love this look, so flirty, comfortable and fresh. 

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I hope you guys love this post and more posts up soon.

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  1. I love your hair, it's so beautiful......That shoe is adorable too
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. fab. look and the hair..... your rocking it girl.
    I just nominated you for liebster award, check it out here:

  3. You hair's so cute like that, I'm thinking myself to have something like this to have in for a few weeks just to avoid having to maintain my hair always. Love everything about this outfit and hollaa at us getting our 'designer' goods for better prices lol, because I would not have guessed those shoes were fake JC's.

  4. i think you are so chic and feminine...Iìm in love with this skirt! It's look so good on you!
    I follow you now on GFC, hope you would follow back!

  5. passing by your blog for the first time and its your nice, you are great too, i llove the way you styled the outfit.
    am following now on gfc, pls follow back

  6. Love the outfit! Gorge!!!

  7. loooove the whole look, but especially the shoes ;-)


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