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10:12 PM

Hello lovelies, how`s your sunday going so far? Mine has been great and I am enjoying every moment of me being free from all the marathon overnight studying. It feels so good that uni is finally over and now I can focus on other stuffs like bloging, catch up with my friends and just have fun.
Summer is just that time in the year when everyone seems happy and you can even hear that the birds chirping sounds even more lovely than ever. And to me it gives me more joy having to take pictures around these beautiful nature around me and the beauty it radiates is exceptionally amazing. 

So in this picture, I am having one of my mum`s dress that´s been hiding in her wardrobe for ages. I just had to take that beauty out and do it some justice. Initially I planned on styling the outfit with this hat from H&M but I quickly change my mind when after just 10 minutes of putting it on, I was all sweaty and stuff.
So yeah, I hope you likey. Don`t forget to leave your feedback down below and have a lovely´weekend.

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  1. Such a lovely dress! You look really nice. Love your hat.

  2. Love those shoes. U are free to go into ur moms closet anytime. Lovely dress


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