Ankara wrapper tied/ Oleku- Glowing fabric

1:20 AM

Hello everyone, it`s been ages I know. Sorry guys, I don`t even know where to start. I have been really
busy with stuffs e.g work, church and resulting into me being lazy to put up some post. The main reason of my sluggishness is actually because of my laptop. It crashed and I had to pay a whole sum to get it fix. I have literally given up on computers, they all seem to break down soon or later, gosh!

Anyways, I decided to share with you guys this gorgeous outfit that i wore last sunday to church. Thank God for church, the only time you get to actually dress as glamorous as you want. Yeah, this is originally my mum`s (again), yeah she's got a lot of stuffs. So since am at my parents house for the summer, my mum`s clothes seems to be of more interest to me than mine.

If you notice in the picture that the wrapper tied at the lower part of my body appears differently in the pictures below. That`s because it`s basically a piece of fabric that you can tie and style the way
  you want. I tried different styles and I like them all especially the shorter styles. The fabric used is called Ankara in Nigeria and it is a very easy type of fabric to work with.

Some side of the ankara appears dull and some parts are very vibrant and shinning. It`s the fabric that`s doing all of that. I love love ankara and I might just start wearing more of this. 
I hope you grabbed one or two from this post and don`t forget to comment below if you have anything in mind.
I hope ya likey. 
See you in my next post.
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  1. You look great!
    Beautiful fabric,.

  2. so beautiful

  3. Love ankara, I'm so excited for when I go home to get custom made dresses and skirts. xo

  4. Love the ankara

  5. very cool outfit


Appreciate all the comments. Drop a comment and tell me what you think. Loves