Date Night- Little black dress/ golden blazer

11:18 PM

Hello guys! 
Someone called me yesterday and was wondering what`s up with my blog and I replied saying- "honestly, I don`t know".
Yeah I am trying my best to get new posts up as fast as I can. My goodies are not here with me (clothes and stuffs) so I don`t really get dressed here in Gothenburg where am spending my summer. Got some new pieces though, might do a haul video soon but I don`t kow yet.

Now to this beauty over here, yeah been wearing darker clothes which is so unlike me. I am for bright colors like white, sky blue and so on. But for some reasons, I am been magnetized to colors like black, brown nowadays. This is a simple black dress that I got from BikBok last month I guess. This dress is as simple as it can get, so to make it pop a little bit, am accessorizing it with the necklace I got as a present. It`s from GinaTricot and the earrings are my sis. Finally the shoes are from H&M. The golden blazer is the highlight of the outfit and it`s actually from a little store here. I will link it here when I get more info about the store.

I rarely go out for dinner but this outfit was perfect when I had to. This would do for lunch with friends, date night or even to church. 
Alright I hope you guys like this post and I`ll see ya later.

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  1. I know how you feel dear but this is a nice outfit you have put together.your hairstyle compliments the it.

  2. Love the blazer and the shoes too.

  3. Beautiful dress And the blazer is just perfect.

  4. hey doll i'm back, i really missed you :)
    you look gorgeous and your blazer is stunning!!

  5. You look lovely and your hair is nice.

  6. you look great, cool outfit


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