My natural hair care routine

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Hello guys!
Hey loves, I just thought of sharing with you guys my hair care routine. Taking care of my hair is a big pain in the ass for me, so am just trying to manage it. I wash my hair once a week but I make sure I moisturize it daily. I always moisturize it with this tresemme conditioner, and my sheer butter which is not in this picture. So here is a typical step I take for a wash hair day for me.
1) I start off by washing my hair with either of these conditioners, and seriously I actually have started to despise this ProSeries conditioner. So I stick with the Tresemme conditioner which is so awesome. Makes my hair baby soft. I rarely use shampoo, so after using the cnonditioner to wash my hair I also use it to condition my hair. I let it stay 30 mins.

2) Afterwards I rinse off the conditioner and moisturize my hair with this moisturizing lotion and olive oil. This helps to restore back oil to my after washing. And for daily use, I use sheer butter.
5) And for those edges baby, I use this awesome edge controller. This baby right here is da bomb. It works so well and I loove it. It lays my edges like there`s no tomorrow.
So yeah those are the basic steps I take on a wash day. I hate doing so much to my hair so that`s why these steps are limited to as minimal as possible. That`s basically all I do to my hair. And of course, I put my hair in a protective style  like braids so as to prevent excessive shedding due to over combing and stuffs like that.
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  4. Taking care of my hair is such a huge task as well , and i a day never goes by with out moisturising and sealing. Your routine is quite similar to mine. Nice post.


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