Black On Black- And a little rant

8:23 PM

Hello everybody, it`s monday and for most of us, it means reality sets in. We are off to our different working places, schools and so on. Holidays are over and we are back to the same routine again and it`s easy we get stuck and forget to be happy.  Even as busy as our schedule might be, we shouldn`t forget to have fun.

So for me, it means I gotta get my blog games up again and stop dulling. Am trying to be postive thinking nowadays and set better goals for myself. I have been too lenient to myself that I feel the need to push out Maggie more. It's not easy to keep focus due to all the distractions around but at the end of the day, I account for my accomplishments. So I guess that`s no excuse afterall.

I am very happy guys, I haven`t been this happy for a while but everyday is looking brighter and am just taking one step at a time. That`s just my little rant for you guys.

Finally to the outfit. Well it`s an all black outfit as obvious as it is. I literally wore this same outfit two days in a roll which I never do. It`s very comfortable and chic and gives the impression of a wannabe rockstar (cough). There`s really nothing too special about the look, but I do love the simplicity in it. So yeah, one thing people`s suggested is that I try and link where they can get my outfits from, so it`s easier to find. Yeah, I will try my very best and you`ll find all the possible links down below.
Outfit Details:
Trousers: BikBok
Sweater: Cubus
Necklace: Ur&Penn
Boots: DinSkor
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  1. Very chic indeed!


  3. You look amazing! Pretty woman!
    Love your outfit.


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