Black on wine- Lazy sunday outfit

11:16 PM

Hi loves, happy sunday. How`s everyone doing? I just thought of sharing with you guys my sunday`s outfit. Normally I overdress when I`m going to church but this sunday my sickness wouldn`t even give me the energy to bother that much. So I played it safe with my black shirt from H&M and wine trousers from BikBok and these really confy sneakers I got on sales.

I guess you could see in my face that I tried as much possible to look happy for you guys even though this fever is killing me (Things we do for blog). My dad always photbomb as usual, so we decided to give this awesome man the spotlight and my mum too. Yeah that`s moi family in the picture, two people are missing in these pics though. But you get the gist right?
Happy Sunday!
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  1. simple and classy!!!!

  2. Beautiful family!
    Hope u feel better dear.

  3. Girl yes to these deep wine high waisted pants, so cute! Your family and you are beautiful and I hope you feel better girl :)

    1. My gurl, thank you :) Yeah feeling much better now

  4. nice look


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