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Hey guys, am sorry I couldn`t post on sunday as it's supposed to be. I went to Gothenburg on Sunday for Church and came back the same day. It was my friend`s birthday that same day and I had to go over to his place immediately I arrived back in Jönköping and celebrate with him that same day and it was very late like around 12:00 midnight before I got back home. So ya all see I had my hands tied.
1)Let me just say this, I have been talking about having a new segment on the blog, well finally I have decided. I will be featuring people on the blog on FRIDAYS if nothing Changes. So anyone who wants to be featured can just contact me by emailing me: margepegg@hotmail.com. So yeah let's hope this is gonna be successful.
2) Fashpa.com is having a clear off right now up to 70% off, so you definitely should head up there and check out some goodies for yourselves. And the best part is that one of my faithful readers get to win a gift from Fashpa. I will get back to this, just thought of informing you guys now.

Now to the deal of today. As usual it's about my outfit and my outfit alone (lol), just kidding. Alright my sister decided to pokenose in my pictures but we love her, don't we?
I am wearing a jumpsuit I bought since December last year but I had never worn it not until last week sunday when I wore it for the first time. Reason being that the jumpsuit was too tight for me. I bought it on LightInTheBox and I got the wrong size and I was super pissed when I got it and couldn't even wear it. So on Sunday, I just decided to make fun of myself and try it on, but to my biggest surprise, some miracle had happened and I could fit in this thing. Not only could I wear it, it was a Little loose. I don't Think I have lost weight, I don't know. I do 30 sittups everyday, that's the only thing. If anything I should only loose weight in my stomach area and not my thighs. Anyways, that one is STORY FOR THE GODS.
I paired it up with my everyday boots and my hair is out making me look like those ghosts in Nigerian Movies but I like it a little though. I could have worn some nice heels to this outfit but they all just looked wrong because of the freeyard mouth of this piece. The boots worked because I could tuck the loose mouth in.
All round it was an okay outfit, I liked it and I hope you do too.
Be good!
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  1. Love it with the boots, looks super cool and edged up

  2. Jumpsuit and boots, very chic and yes we love your sister.

  3. Jumpsuit and boots, very chic and yes we love your sister.


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