Seeing through His eyes- Church outfit

12:28 AM

Hola! Happy sunday guys, well we all know what it is right? New posts on sundays. Alright so how was church for everyone that went? and to my none believers, how did you spend your sundays?

As usual, I was at church doing Jesus stuffs which is always fun. It turns more fun when you start seeing the beauty in every flaws and don`t care much if one choir member goes off tone but instead laugh over it and just have fun. Afterall, it`s not about us looking good and perfect, right? It's about Him up there so it's time we start having fun with him and break loose.

As usual, I will make sure I do my little rant. I am just very happy and spontenous nowadays. You know the feeling when you finally break loose of something that you've been stuck to for years. Something that's been changing you, molding you to another image of yourself. And now you are totally relieved and free from it. You just wanna scream to the whole world, you feel better, look better and act better. Some things just get a hold of us and we don't realize it those moments how terrible it really is until you find your way out. What I will say is, if you feel you are on a wrong path, stucked on something, take a moment and say a prayer. It sounds cheesy right but prayers do get answered. Am a testimony.

To the outfit, I was very indicisive on what to wear as usual (never gets old). So I decided to go pair something up with this blazer I got long ago from BikBok that I have never worn. I matched the blue blazer with a blue face cap and my old brown shoes that you guys have seen times without numbers. These shoes are one of my best buys but goodness they hurts after wearing them for hours. You don't feel anything until later so I always take with me an extra pair of shoes (why so much trouble though?).

Those are the basic highlights of the outfit. I hope you guys love it and don`t forget to leave a comment for feedback. Have a lovely week ahead and have fun.

Be good!

Outfit details:
Trousers: BikBok
Shoes: A small store
Top: BikBok
Blazer: BikBok

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