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Hey guys, hope everyone s doing fine? It`s already the beginnng of a new week and oh I just couldn't wait until this week came. So last week, we started having our own patients at our studentclinic here at Jönköping and it was quite exciting. This was the time we have to put all our practise and long hours of studying into use. We were paired in twos and worked together, each having a patient of their own. Unfortunately, my patient didn't come (sad face) but I helped my other collegue out with her own patient. But this week now, I have booked another patient. Hopefully, he'll show up.

Then my boyfriend travelled to Germany and he is coming back this week, can't wait. So I just have so much this week that's getting me in the mood. And yeah, I am back to making youtube videos. I found a soution to my technical issues, so hopefully I will be more consistent with my videos. And guess who is going to be featuring on the channel? Yeah, my sister Esther. I will talk more about that soon.

Jeans:Denim Rebel// Top/scarf:Gina tricot// Sweater:BikBok// Shoes:Zara heels// Bag/Jacket: Gekås//
To the outfit, this is just something quite casual and cozy. Am wearing a boyfriend jeans which without the heels makes my little butt looks smaller. So the trick is this, always wear a boyfriend jeans in combination with high heels or boots. But never with flats. This way, your butt area will be complemented and the jeans gets the opportunity to shine through.
I saw this beenie at H&M at their sales section and I just loved the goldish letters displayed on the front section. I didn't even hesitate before I bought it. Also, it sits just perfectly. Am in love with this thing.
Alright guys that was all. Hope you loved it
Til' next time
Be good!
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  1. Loving the new web design! And I love boyfriend jeans with heels. You might have given me inspo at the right time!

  2. Well put together. ... NICELY DONE... I love it

  3. Shoess!!!thanks hun for visiting my blog. Simple and well put together look

  4. Love how you paired the boyfriend jeans, chic and stylish and yes boyfriend jeans' a great way to get await him.

  5. Love your hair, Maggie. Your shoes are fab. Lovely look.

  6. Looking really good dear,you look so dope. Love the outfit


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