New year's eve outfit

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Hey there! Happy new year again. There's celebration at every corner of the planet right now and the new year's eve firework display is one of the best highlight in different countries. This year, I really loved Dubai's showcase. It was quite playful, beautiful and extravagant. I had no chance to watch a really display of firework myself on this year's eve because I was at church. Did I mention how fun church was? Yeah I had a blast. This was actually what I wore to church. It's this simple black dress from River Island. It's really gorgeous and I love the fit very well.The picture doesn't do justice to this outfit at all. The lighting was really bad and the pictures I took had the worst quality ever. I need to get a new camera, my canon d300 has really done its best but am not feeling this camera anymore.

 I actually bought a new year dress but I felt it was too much. It fitted more to like a wedding, so I just went all black with my outfit. My hair is from Aliexpress by the way incase anyone was wondering. I conditioned the hair and blowdried it with cold air. I flat ironed it roughly, and curled some part. Just some rough styling, nothing major and I tucked it behind my ears. For my eyes, I did a smokey eye with this amazing palette from YSL, HERE. One of the best eye palettes I've tried. On my lips is Mac's ruby woo and I lined my lips with mac's lip pencil in red.

Alright guys, hope you loved this post. 
Be good!
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  1. I like how simple yet elegant this dress looks. Fits a New Year party. :)
    Happy 2015!

  2. Tres chic!

  3. You look gorgeous. Happy New Year! :)

  4. Love it.. you look amazing

  5. i love this, very simple yet chic, even though am not a fan of handless dresses, maybe because i hate my discoloraion in my pit area.

  6. You look great. Love it. Happy new year

  7. Love the fit if the dress!!! Happy New Year from a new subbie : -) xx

  8. I love the dress. Fits perfectly
    Feel free to stop by my blog

  9. I cannot believe that that hair's from Aliexpress, did you purchase it from princesshairlove?


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