Thanksgiving sunday in shimmer

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Hey lovers, how is everybody doing? I am doing just great and I am back at my crib in Jönköping after a what felt like long holiday in Gothenburg. I used the opportunity to work a little and did some shopping and spent quality time with my family and friends. 2015 it is and I am more than ready to aim and achieve more this year. Honestly speaking, I still haven't noticed any different from 2014 and I'm really not that hyped over the new year, but am very greatful for the blessings of last year and the amazing achievements that awaits. I have less than 6 months left to be a legitimated dental hygienist and probably read a year more for masters. I can't wait. I am just full of excitement and eager of what life brings. Really, I have no doubts because I put my trust in God (cheezy maybe?) But He's the only explanation to everything I have overcome so far.

Right to the outfit, this was my outfit to church yesterday. I decided to be a little casual with the black blazer from Eastex and black boots from Zara Trafaluc( similar HERE) and the black bag from Ullared. My mom went shopping and bought this lovely shimmery skirt from Bling which is a little retail store located in Gothenburg. But the skirt is originally made by Internacionale. Bling is currently having a sale-out so my mum went there and picked a lot of goodies. I saw this skirt and fell in love and begged her to buy a similar for me. I wore the skirt with my white top from Zara and I was good to go.
That was everything about that. I wish you an amazing week ahead.
Be good!
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  1. Nice look! you look great! :)

  2. Love the outfit. I hope you achieve all your goals. xx

  3. Lovely outfit.

  4. nice out fit, i really love those boots,

  5. Love love the jacket. Stunner


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