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10:42 AM

Hey guys, how's everyone doing? My week has been great and things are going much better now. Although, yesterday my wisdom tooth started hurting bad. My collegue was supposed to take an x-ray of it but we had no time. But we checked clinically and saw no indication to be worried. Hopefully next week, we'll be less busy and be able to take the x-ray and know exactly how healthy the tooth is. Until then I will just continue with my painkillers and stuffs. 
By the way, my sister came over to my place yesterday and she will be staying for some days. Let's see if we can cook something fun together. And no, I haven't forgotten that I said I will be doing an "about me" tag. It's coming. And also on my youtube channel, I have a video on already and couple of vids on the way. I hope you check by. 
To the outfit, this was just the casual thing I wore to church. Am wearing the oversized sweater I got on sales from GinaTricot, beanie and skirt from H&M, and the boot is from DinSkor. I have had those boots for ages now. My winter saviour it is.
Anyways, I wish you an amazing and stress-free week.
Be Good!
My hair video: 
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  1. This is a very nice combination...great! Xx

  2. I love this jumper and skater skirt combo!


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