Shoping on a budget- How-to

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Heys guys, I just thought of sharing with you my 5 tips on how to shop on a budget. I hope you find this helpful.
Be a member of your favorite stores
Register and be a member of your favorite stores. This way you are Always alerted when they have a sales or an event coming up. Yesterday, a flyer from H&M came to my mail giving informations about their VIP shopping next week for members, where Everything in the store runs for 20% discount. Such a deal right?
Most of these companies different reward programs. The one am familiar with is the reward on point system. This is based on your purchase. That is, you get Points for what you buy. The Points accumulates and when it reaches a certain  figure, the store rewards you as giftcard/ discount etc depending on the store.
Quality over Quantity
Use your Eyes. Choose stuffs that looks expensive. Choose materials that screams elegant, classy but not so expensive. So when you are at that sales section, only check out stuffs that are of need to you. I mean stuffs that you wouldn't normally get for that price. Don't buy a lot of cheap looking stuffs for cheap price. For example, instead of getting 5 T-shirts that are "just okay" for 300kr, then get a blazer that looks expensive for the same price. Keep in my mind to build your purchases around what's lacking in your wardrobe and not what you already have.
Do your research, check online for where to get your Product for a cheaper price. I remember I was watching a Youtuber and she mentioned where to get cheap lipsticks online and
 I couldn't Believe my Eyes when I saw how cheap the lipsticks were on that website. So with instagram, facebook, youtube and all this informative social platforms, you should be able to save some Money.
You should thrift-shop. Go check out the second- hand store near your Place. There are a lot of Little local stores located almost at every street where you can pick out items for good prices. I love going to myrorna here in Sweden. It's a good atmosphere to let my creativity flow.
Be sesonally minded
Different part of the World requires different dressings. Most of our different culltures are originated from the fact that the weather differs a lot. In sweden, the weather is mostly Cold and so I invest in buing a lot of layers. I don't do a lot of summer shopping because summer only last for a Little while. So you need to Think of where you are living if you are on a budget.
Alright guys, those are my tips for you. I hope you guys been able to grab something out of this. If you have any question, don't hesistate to ask. I will see you in my next post.
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Love you guys.
Be good!
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  1. Very thoughtful of you to do such a post!

  2. Great post. no 3 is especially important. I ususally wait for the sales to buy most of my clothes. Fraction of a price what it would have been a week before the sale! Especially love the zara sales.

    Lola xx


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