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9:48 PM

My dad and my brother Elijah
Hey guys, how's everyone doing? My week has been quite hectic. I started my internship at a dental clinic here in Gothenburg, Sweden. It's quite interesting but very stressful and intense. I will be here for about a month Before I return back to uni.
Notice any craziness going on with my hair? Well well. I dyed my hair jet black but the day I did it, I was in such a hurry. It was my friend's birthday and I was running late. I didn't let the hair condition well after dyeing it and I blow dried it just immediately. I say NO NO, don't do this. The result is what you see, frizzy, harsh hair that is extremely difficult to get bone straight. And the fact that the hair was originally wavy doesn't make it any easier. But not to worry, I have a plan.
I will Deep condition this hair for at least 6 hours, then maybe some oil treatmeant. Afterwards dye it red or just add some red highlights and Deep condition it like crazy. Then we'll see if I can revive my love for this wig back.
Okay yeah just thought of coming by and say hello to everyone. Have a continuos lovely week.
Be good!
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  1. You look great ,your shoes are really lovely .

  2. Nice suit, your brother is adorable :) x

  3. You look Fab as always. what shade of Black is "jet black oooooo?"
    Happy birthday to your brother.

  4. So it

  5. Very elegant ! I like it !
    Happy Birthday to your brother :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back !


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