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Hey guys how's everyone doing? I know I have been gone for so long, but here I am now. Like some of you guys already know, I am doing my internship at a dental clinic here in Gothenburg and it has honestly taken all my time. I am Always so tired when I get home that I just go to bed directly and Catch a Little sleep Before I have to Wake up the next day at 4 for Another shift. It's quite tiring but I am really enjoying my time here as well. These dentist and hygienists are so passionable and skillful  that it makes you strife to want to be the best you can be. So far, so good.

My sister Esther clocked 19 and we had a Little surprise dinner for her. Her friend Rahma and I planned it together and oh btw, Rahma is such a sweetheart (if you are Reading this, you already know). So we planned Everything together and we were so nervous about how things will go. I was suppose to get the cake but how am I suppose to just dissapear from the house and do that without her suspecting anything? There were other stuffs like that but am just happy everything turned out great at last. And the minute we saw her giggle and laugh after disclosing the whole thing, eveything just felt right.

How cute is their smile?
The dinner was last week though so this post is a Little bit late but better late than never right? I just want to use this medium to thank everyone that came. Sorry you can't see me and some other guys in the Picture because I was taking the Picture and some angle obviously were not captured. But you get the gist, yeah?
Okay guys that was my Little post for you guys. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
Be good!
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  1. so nice

  2. It's always great working with people who have a passion for their job, Goodluck with the internship.Nice photos too!
    Modavracha | Blog

  3. Internship can really be stressful but the fun,passion,experience and zeal that comes with it is irreplaceable
    Happy belated birthday to Esther ooo.

  4. Awww sorry that your internship is so stressful but I am sure the positives far outweigh the negative. Good luck with that in the days to come and happy belated to your sister :)


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