Feminine suspender look- Fashion show

9:07 PM

Hey guys, how's your week been? Happy easter everyone. I am in a Little celebrating mode as well. I finished my internship yesterday and I used the whole of today to sleep (not really). Well last day of internship was fun, I decided to get a Little cake for the dentists and co at the clinic and I also got presents for my two dental hygienist who were coaching me. These guys were really awesome and did everything to see me grow. Am actually going to miss that little community (not really, lol).
Alright yeah so now that school is going to start again I will start filming again. Yes, because I will be going back to my little home in Jönköping. And I will have my space to film and blog and all that good stuff. But this month has not been really easy. It's been tough being away from my bf, having to work long days and keep up with lots of activities but it went alright.
I was in the main town of Gothenburg to get some stuffs from MAC and I just saw that they had some fashion show and I decided to stay and watch a Little. Watching all these pretty ladies and gents walking down the runway and doing their thing was fun. Even though I and Esther my sis, spent half of the time critisizing their walks and looks  just for fun. But deep inside we actually appreciated them all.
Anyways I hope you like this post.
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  1. love!! love the outfit without the jacket :)

  2. 1. Hair on fleek 2. Make-up on fleek 3. Leather jacket on fleek 4. Cutted.jeans on fleek 5. Shoe on fleek 6. Toned body on fleeeeek. OKAY I'll stop now lol <3 <3

  3. Oh and purse on fleek tooo <3!

  4. Boss Lady. The look is fab.


  5. AH, you look gorgeous! I'm missing suspenders in my closet!!


  6. Your outfit looks awesome girl!!! and I'm glad things went well with your internship!

  7. You look amazing, the suspenders is amazing adds a extra oomph.

  8. AnonymousMay 22, 2015

    Love your outfit, since I started wearing suspenders I don´t want to miss them anymore!

  9. I love this suspenders outfit!


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