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Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I have been on and off all the time but I am more Active on my instagram, you guys should check out my instagram (@ i_am_maggiepegg) and also don't forget to leave yours so I can also find something new and follow. So I am just trying to break out of my Little bubble this year. I am aiming to start doing makeup for people. I already do hair on occasional cases but I also want to infuse in more. I already have a project coming on the way. I will be doing makeup for bunch of people for a wedding and I am quite nervous about getting everyone's shade but it will be fine. Now, I am just trying to get more makeup in my Collection and then see what happens. So you guys should definitely stay in touch for that.

Okay so this is my friend Elizabeth, one of the bridesmaids for the wedding. So she was my model and I was just trying on different ideas on her. She has the most Beautiful chocolate skin you'll ever find. Also, I have obsession with dark skin. Her skin radiates and I just love how makeup blends so pretty on her. We just worked with Purple and silver for the Eyes and soft Foundation application and a lot of contouring. Yeah the harsh contouring was on a purpose. Although it looked very blended in real Life. For the brows I used the wet N wild palette in ash Brown and filled in the brows more with a Brown eyebrow pencil. The concealer I used for her was actually the LA Girl Pro concealer in fawn. I used a Little just for highlighting's sake. Not too much, if not there will be too much contrast. I used the mac blush raizin and also Macs highlighter to highlight her forehead, cheeks etc. To bring the whole look together I finished up with the Mac mineralize skinfinish in Deep dark and set Everything with Elf's makeup mix and set.
Where I normally get my drugstore makeup
Cocopanda (for my scadinavian readers):
Fyndiq: (for my scadinavian readers):
That was all for the whole look. I hope you guys find this interesting as I did.
stay tuned for more. Dont forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you Think.
Love you guys,
Be good!
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  1. So pretty! great pics

  2. You've got beautiful eyes!

  3. The makeup is flawless and very edgy. Great work.


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