Gothia cup- Maggie on the go

11:33 PM

Hey everyone, a hurray for yet another post. I have been super busy this week and am likely caught running one or two events and running erands. It's Gothia cup week in Gothenburg right now. I t started on monday this week and the finals are held on saturday. So this is an international football tournament quite a number of countries involved. So some african countries came also but my
favorite team are the Ghanian teams, especially the Right To Dream 17 year old boys. This team were amazing and they have literally won all their game which is amazing. The final is tomorrow and you have to pay a 100kr to watch the final but for these boys, am willing to spend all my coins.

Yeah so these are just my private pictures from Gothia cup. I will upload more random pictures right after this post. Don't worry loves, I got ya back.
Anyways, I hope ya all have an amazing day in continuation and I'll see ya in my next post

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  1. Maggie dear,
    Your photos are cool and let me use the opportunity to say that I love your YT videos. Keep doing great hun


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