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9:34 PM

Hey loves, my wonderful blog readers (abi I no even know where I go start self). This one is really apology matters. Honestly, I just had to take a break from the blogging world a little bit because I just didn't want to come here and post a bunch of pictures with absolutely no quality, target and meaning. I have not been around my photographer that much (Essie), so there's really no other way to take pictures. Maybe we should beg Ken to help, lol. Anyway, that's the gist but I decided to come back (I mean I can't just dissappear like that and leave you guys hanging like that na) Anyways, I hope you are doing fine and life is treating you good and the summer sun is doing good on your melanin? 
Some of you know I have been more active on my youtube page. Yes definitely go there and check out my videos and please show some love. I will be posting here more often but am not sure it's gonna be a lot of outfits post though for the main time, but we'll see how things go.
I have more gist for you guys later on but let me just leave you guys on suspense 'til then. I really appreciate every one that's been worried about my disappearance and emailed and stuffs. Chukwu go bless all of you.
Be good, take care of yourselves and I'll see you guys soon in my next post. I will post a look i created quite recently on my channel here, then I will have another post up after that for gists..lol.
Big fat hugs.
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  1. Chile!! I totally understand the pain for good pictures .... It makes my tAke random useless breaks too... Welcome back tho


  2. Great look, and best wishes!


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