Pink affairs ft ankara bag|| Maggie Pegg

4:30 PM

Top: Ginatricot|| Trousers: Bikbok|| Bag: MaggiePegg|| Shoes: Nelly

Rumour has it that pink is the hottest color on girls. Hey everyone, how's your week so far? It's Monday evening and I'm here sitting in my parent's living room blogging and making down notes of events coming up soon. This summer has really been so random for me and it's been filled with suspense, new experiences, opportunities and more. I have been getting involved in a bunch of projects that has to do with makeup and beauty and due to my disappearance on the blog I haven't been able to share that with you. Eventually, you guys will be getting relevant gists as time goes on.

Now to today's post which is CLEARLY all about PINK. Let me just start by saying, PINK is not my favorite color but sometimes I catch myself wearing it. I really liked how this pink trousers from BIKBOK and this wine top from BIKBOK compliments each other. I paired this outfit together with this ankara bag made straight from Africa. I and my sister will be having these kinds of bags in stock for sales very soon so if you need some just holla at me on my email margepegg@hotmail and I will get back to you.

  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. You can either leave a comment down below, or you email me at  Also if you have any post ideas that you want to see on the blog, also leave a comment below. 
Have a great summer week and see you in my next post.
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  2. Coincidentally the intro to my most recent post is Rumor has it that.... lol
    Looking great, love the ankara bag.
    Modavracha | Blog

  3. I love your makeup!! This whole outfit plus makeup goes so well together!

    Rachael Styles Me xx

  4. nice outfit it love it

  5. The colors are beautiful. The bag is what I'm coming to get.

  6. I love your fro...and your outfit is beautiful


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