S T R I P E S- Gothia Cup 2

9:12 PM

Hey loves how's the week going. Let's talk about my blogging games this week, it's been on point ehn. Yaas to that. This picture is from two days ago and I will put on the rest of the Gothia cup days here. So you guys should keep an eye for those posts.

I took off my braids and let out my 'fro and that was how I rocked it most of this week. I decided to wear this lace closure wig that I made long ago. You can click HERE to watch how I made this week. Anyways, yeah so I didn't know what to wear and decided to go with these stripes shirt that's already
been featured on the blog.

Day 3 and these Ghanian boys are on top of their games. They really put in effort while playing and what I really like about them is the brotherhood among them. They keep praising and encouraging each other to keep moving and be victorious. The day was quite nice and I really enjoyed myself.
See ya soon in my next post which is coming very soon.
Love ya
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  1. You look really nice and your friend looks do user cool.
     The Diva Diaries


  2. Great sense of style

  3. She's fully Back!!!!!!!
    You look great, lately white and black have been my go to colours.


  4. Your outfit looks so cute!!!


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