My birthday weekend- Gratitude

2:40 PM

Sitting here in my little apartment thinking about my birthday which was last week (September 26 to be precise). I was just really not in the mood of celebrating it. I mean 21 is huge and worthy of celebrating but am just not the type that likes celebrating stuffs. Call me boring but I'd rather sit home and eat some good food than stressing out organizing some party. But on my bucket list is to actually celebrate my 25 years, so yeah look forward to that guys. I was home in Gothenburg with my parent the weekend of my birthday and my parents gave me the best birthday gift ever. It was money, actually the money was meant to pay one of my bills that's been giving me headache. If you follow me on snapchat @maggiepegg, you'd already see the prank scenario of that.  
With that being said, you'd figured out by now that I didn't celebrate it with my bf. On his birthday, which was just 12 days before mine, I fell really sick and he was there taking care of me instead of celebrating his birthday. We had to do something when I later got better. Now same thing with me, only that I wasn't sick. I was not around for anything to happen. I came back from Gothenburg and had my birthday presents from Ken waiting for me. The best out of them all was this card above (he always get me cards). Anyways, I opened the card and the card started singing THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG. I honestly just couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny and I called him childish for the rest of the day but truly moments like that makes me love him more. 
I am grateful to all the beautiful people around me and to amazing things to come. I am extremely thankful for sound health and a peaceful mind. Thanks to everyone who cared to wish me a happy birthday. To you all, I show my gratitude.
Love ya,
Be good!
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  1. Happy birthday in arrears.

  2. Happy belated birthday!! :)

  3. Maggie u want to make a sister fall in love with this sweet words ooo! I'm with you on turning 21, my birthday is around the corner but for a weird reason I don't feel like throwing a 21st birthday party.

    Great to know u are fine and happy birthday in arrears again.

    1. Damie oo, you cutie. Well just go with your feelings but if you have the opportunity to, you should. hihi :) ;)


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