White on white- With a hint of blue

10:38 PM

Top: H&M// Trousers: Pieces// Jacket: Pieces// Bag: Don Donna// Shoes: Zara
Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I am currently down with a cold but I just decided to put up this post which is already due for posting. I am currently back in uni and second week of school is soon over and it's just very funny how fast time flies. I feel like this summer has been all about work work work. I don't feel like am ready for this last year of uni which obviously I am supposed to.
But honestly, I am still very prepared because I can't honestly wait for the day I graduate with all my courses passed and my results in my hand. I can't wait to get my certificate and just shout "I made it"
It has not been easy but I am fully prepared and just ready to enjoy my last year.

I am not a shopaholic but I must admit that I ended up splurging more than I planned. All these sales here and there and the very nice colorful outfits just took all my money. When I came back to Jönköping, I had so much stuffs with me that even my boyfriend just couldn't stop gazing and probably wondering what kind of an addict he has chosen for a partner. Just kidding, he knows me now already, lol. It's his fault since he's always gettting me stuffs so yup he's used to it. But honestly speaking I just need to stop buying gadgets and makeup. I don't even spend a lot on clothes and shoes. 
Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this post and I'll see you in my next one
Be good!
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  1. I love this outfit, the colours go so well with each other. Sorry about your cold and good luck with your final year, I know you'll do great! xx


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