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11:03 PM

Hey beautiful people, how are you all doing? So I was meant to post this since last week but just never really had the time to do so. Do you guys think about the meaning of life sometimes? Because honestly I feel like a lot of us just live everyday without taking a glance into what the future holds and look back to our yesterdays. We are all driven with different aspirations and goals that we tend to loose ourselves in the making. We shouldn't let ourselves get caught up in the roller coster of life and in my opinion I think more of us needs to sit down and reflect on what life actually is all about. Take for example, I like makeup (A LOT) but sometimes I do not need every single eyeshadow palette that is being singled out as "perfect" by the internet community. The point is, learn to discipline yourself, abstain from things that weigh you down and find time to reflect on your actions and the consequences attached to them.
Until my next post, stay beautiful
Love you all
Be good! 
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  1. Nice post!

  2. You're really getting better with your photography..keep it up
    too late to wish you Happy Birthay???Well,HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY
    And you look great in this outfit

  3. Now that bag is everything. I think about life too my dear and believe that all things work together for good.


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