My weekend- Vlog round Gothenburg, Birthday, dinner

10:32 AM

Hey everyone, how ya all doing? It's the beginning of a new week and I am just quite relieved that the weekend is over. Not that I mean anything bad but honestly my weekend seemed to last forever. It was a lot of planning, decorating, running errands, meeting friends. It was just quite tidious. 
I filmed a vlog to share with you guys how I spent my weekend. Click HERE to watch it, or you can just click on the video further down below. Can we take a minute and appreciate this beauty over here. She turned 50 last week and she had a celebration in church. I was asked by her if i could do her makeup and gele which I did. "Gele" is the nigerian headtie on her head like you can see in the picture above. She looked absolutely stunning and it was fun

Head on to my channel and watch the full video :) I hope you guys like it.  Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't.

Here is the video:
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  1. Nice one maggie, she looks good.

  2. Great Vlog.

    And the lady looks super great for a 50 year old! Lawd! I pray I look good at 50. Lol


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