50 shades of brown

8:38 PM

Jacket: thrifted// Bag: Gekås ullared// Shoes: H&M// Trousers: ONLY// Top: Ginatricot// Vest: H&M Jewelleries: Bling

Hey everyone. It's past 7 at night and am sitting on the bus back home to Jönköping. As usual, I would have to enjoy the cool breeze in the bus and take a quick nap (which lasts almost the whole trip, lol) to later wake up and do other stuffs. So today I decided to blog. It was black friday two days ago and I had looked forward to it a lot, only to realize the shops are only selling crappy products no one wants to buy or they give ridiculously low discounts that almost don't count. That didn't just motivate me at all to get something I probably don't need. Long story short, I stayed home and did course works instead. 
So, to today's outfit. Brown is my new crush color right now. I do not own a lot of brown pieces in my wardrobe but I think I just found something to start collecting now. So this is the outfit I came up with. It was raining the whole time we were taking the pictures but we just had to finish what we had started.
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Have a great week ahead. Love you <3
Be good!
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  1. A nice and stylish look, great colours that complements you.

  2. I like how the brown and mustard pops against the all white outfit. Like it a lot! Xx www.tashpantz.com

  3. Totally giving me Fall/Winter 2015 catwalk vibes with those boots!!


  4. Wooow! this is beautiful. I love the white and brown combo, it looks so fresh!

  5. Wooow! this is beautiful. I love the white and brown combo, it looks so fresh!

  6. Beautiful
    I love this

    1. You look amazing!
      Love the color combination.


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