2015 in a wrap- thoughts into 2016. Work, life, travel and moving

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Hey darlings, I can barely believe it's the end of another year already. It felt just like yesterday we were celebrating the commence of year 2015. It's strange trying to actually analyze how fast time flies. I am currently sitting in my parent's house listening to some Justin Bieber while blogging and watching my mum dazzle as she puts her magic into the cookings being executed in the kitchen and the aroma is just pure heaven
In less than 6 hours, we'll head to church to celebrate the crossover into 2016 with some intense prayers and thanksgiving. Since we're already talking about thanksgiving, I would like to use this medium to thank everyone who's contributed to my growth this year. I deeply appreciate the kind of love I receive daily, I thank my critics, the one's who are quick to share, like and comment on my social media, my secret admirers who are promoting us secretly. I say thank you to you all. This year has been amazing and I can't even seem to be able to put my gratitude into words but all I want to say is TACK!

This picture was taken back in my little student apartment in Jönköping incase someone was wondering. I have a lot coming for 2016. In fact, I made a list of goals and plans to be achieved and executed this coming year. 2016 is going to be a year of my liberty, due to the fact that I am going to be done with uni by that summer. Just the thought of that makes me anxious. I am currently updating my CV and personal statement and hunting for jobs. Truth be told, I do not actually intend to start working immediately after uni but if I get lucky and land myself a dentalhygienist job immediately, I will take the offer. But if not, I will just head on and do some alternate jobs and travel. My living situation is going to be of concern next year as well, since I will be moving out of my student apartment and have to get another. The problem is not even getting a place. The issue is that I don't know where I am going to be working so it's difficult to seek for an apartment because I might not even be able to live there. These things just bothers me sometimes but I have my boyfriend and my parents place incase of anything which is why I am not too bothered. 

Next year, we'll be going through all of that phase together. No worries. You all should have an amazing year ahead, take it easy today and have fun.

Be good!

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