Ankara style featuring Roseline

5:39 PM

Hey guys, this is Maggies little but not so little sister Roseline. So quick information about me: I’m 15 years old and I love reading, my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, I literally bingeread them all. Anyway, I got this dress like a month or so ago. It was my mums friend that sew the dress and all, she didn’t even know my measurement, the only thing she had as a guide was a picture of me. And look at the end result, it’s amazing! I have never liked a dress this much, it’s so princess like, haha. Right now, it’s hanged on my hanger so I can see it from my bed, I really don’t know why but I just like looking at it, I guess I’m a little weird (it runs in the family).
You can follow me on my instagram, it’s “geekirose”.

Thank you so much for reading
Be good!
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