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Hey guys, so am here currently chilling in my comfy sweatpants (that I actually inherited from my bf, lol) listening to series of nigerian music. Just some moments ago, Chidinma's song KITE came on and it just reminded me of something I wanted to speak about. By the way, you need to listen to that tune.
If you follow Nigerian gists on social media, you would likely have come across the video where Chidinma was kissing Flavour during one of their shows. The Nigerian community could not wait to voice out their opinion outrageously on social media. Everyone was talking about the kiss and why she shouldn't have done that. Bla bla bla. 
Fast forward some weeks afterwards, Chidinma had an interview where she desscribed "the kiss" as ACTING.
ACTING- now that's the topic I want to speak about. A lot of us live in our own world created of illusions, fantasy and unrealistic lifestyles. I mean a lot of our realtionships nowadays is just pure acting. When you are with friends, it's difficult to differentiate when people are being authentic and fake. Even house part are boring nowadays. You meet a bunch of your friends for a get together and everyone is forming. Am like "ehn, they force you come here, abi?". Common to dance, nobody wants to. Someone starts dancing, others are either mocking the person with laughter or talking crap. 
The one I don't understand is when a single guy among you is always forming, I am in a relationship and we all know that's a lie. Am like "please who are you dating? "ghost?" There's no need to form that you have a girlfriend when you don't. There is time for everything and truth be told, a lot of people in relationships are not really enjoying it. You might even be better off not having a relationship at the moment and just work on yourself.
It's so sad, I mean we are constantly seeking approval of others for what we are doing. Some people will leave a guy they are dating for another just because the trend was not fitting the person they were currently with. Or even people who'd always be chasing the latest tech- (the hustle of getting an iphone 6s, sigh!!)
We just need to stop ACTING and start reacting to things around us. Be part of your environment, build a community of trust and friendship. Be someone's inspiration and leave your mark in someone's life.  
Anyways that was my short rant for tonight. I hope you grabbed something (am serious o). Watch out for more rants.
Be good!
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  1. such a beautiful post and wise words. <3 //Meha


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