Friends- parasites or host? + video to crochet marley hair

11:36 PM

Heys sweets, here comes another rant as promised. It's 10:00pm and am here working on my youtube and blog space while going through my facebook and snapchat where I mostly connect with my friends. And this got me thinking about some friendships we have nowadays. Most of them fall perfectly under the parasite, host relationship. "Parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.
(Wikipedia, 2016). 
So when you have friends who mainly just benefit from you but do not add anything to you, that's hella toxic and you should probably think of quitting relationships like that. I have been blessed with beautiful and amazing friends but at the same time I start to realize this year 2016 who my real friends are. It's just crazy how you think you are close to everyone when you really are not. It's so disrespectful to friendship when one party is dishonest, disloyal and being self taken. I really admire friends who are loyal to their friends and speak good of their friends even in their non-existence. 

I have just learnt to not get too disappointed in my friends, rather just classify them as they want to be classified and move on with my life. Life is easy, we gotta just live it unapologetically. 

To watch the video of how I fixed this hair, then click the video below!
Natural looking kinky crochet braids under 1 hour- Marley hair// MaggiePegg 

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