I am back, it's been a while

10:06 PM

Hey guys how's everyone doing? It's been ages since I came over here. I have been off both youtube and da blog for a while now although I would say I am still more regular on youtube. I really miss blogging and most especially hearing from my readers and also viewing others bloggers content. I really want you all to link your blogs underneath this post so I can start following new folks.
Anyways a lot of things has been happening since I lastly wrote on this little space of mine. It has been a huge transitioning from being a student to start working as a professional. My love life took another leaf that left us in a state of hold. I won't be going into any details on that on this post at all. I will probably do a separate post on that. My friendship bubble kinda diminished as well, well not really but still. You just start to know who your real friends are. I will also make a post on this as well. I feel like I have a lot of things to share with you guys and I will love your feedback if I should or not. Thank you all for keep checking my blog.
Love you all

Watch how i made this hair

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  1. This hair color looks great on you!!!



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