My night time routine part 1- wash, exfoilate, Bobriskyy snapchat queen

10:21 AM

Hey my loves, how is everyone doing? It's a new week and I must say this weekend has been one great weekend. You are probably wondering what made it exceptional? Well because I got enough rest. I got to sleep longer on saturday and I turned off all the invitations to go out as I was burned out of all the constant outings on weekends and work on weekdays. I feel relaxed to start another week of work. Sometimes we do need a break.

So guys I filmed my daily night time routine which I really liked how it turned out. My night time routine differs a bit on weekends as I also include facial mask, deep exfoilating and hair routine and other stuffs. I might film that another time. Let me know if you want to see that.

As you all know, am back to staying with my parents to save some cash for the main time. I thought it was gonna be difficult to adjust but it's actually been going great. Let me talk about the video a little bit more. I spend hours editing this 4 mins long video. But watching it one would think it's easily filmed and edited. That's why it's difficult to explain to people how difficult making youtube videos can be. Anyways that's why I would really appreciate if you all take a minute and watch the video and leave some comments for me plus don't forget to subscribe. Thanks you <3 <3

Now let's talk about Bobrisky, the female barbie doll in Nigeria in his own words. A significant amount of people have so much hatred for him and a little percentage of others like me finds him entertaining. So the guy or girl looking male is always on social media especially snapchat ranting about his bae. Apparently his bae changed his life, bought him stuffs and bla bla bla his life is amazing now. He also encourages bleaching as he himself has bleached and sells bleaching creams ad soaps. I don't like that aspect of him but hey! everyone to their own opinion. I would like to write another blogpost on him some other time but I would like to know what you guys think about him. 

Here is the makeup video. I hope you all like it, click on the video down below and watch. Comment, like and subscribe <3 <3

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