Hi everyone! my name is Margaret but my friends call me Maggie. 

A 20 year old, born and raised in Nigeria but currently residing in Sweden. I am of the yoruba tribe and your typical Ibadan girl. 

You can already guess I speak my language quite fluently. 

I also speak swedish, obviously because I live in Sweden. I love exploring new things and as well setting big goals for myself. 

I love every form of fashion including makeup, outfits and hair. From a tender age I knew I wanted to involve myself around things that are unique, as to the fact that I avoid too common stuffs. 

Did I mention I am a soon- to- be dental hygienist by God's grace. That's so far been, one of the most challenging thing I have done in my entire life. 

I sing, play piano, make hair, and do a lot of other stuffs that I want to. 

And times when I am not doing these, I am probably sitting and gazing at my computer screen on different beauty youtube videos or playing Tetris battle.

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Sit tight and enjoy my blog. 

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